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V2 Interiors has been helping and finding a solution for all Home Interior needs und  Kitchens, wardrobes, wooden furniture, electrical fixtures, curtains, bathroom accessories, painting, false ceilings, and decorative flooring are a few of the solutions we excel in. We are among the few interior solutions suppliers among the few suppliers of interior solutions with a production facility.

With a thriving portfolio of 30,000 square feet of factory and more than 10 million square feet of home interiors, we have accomplished the dreams of numerous people. Thanks to our expert staff, you will have an interior experience unlike any other will have an internal experience unlike any other, thanks to our knowledgeable team of experts.

Concept Interiors

We're working on interiors with an architect's touch. Everything from the kitchen's improvements to the furniture in the living room and bedroom. There will be a superb finish everywhere. Lighting, wall paint, wallpaper, fake ceiling, wall textures, fancy panels, painted shutters, designed shutters, etc. are all included.

Budget Interiors

Doing interiors on your budget, involves necessary cabinets, and it's accessories in the kitchen, wardrobes, and lofts in the bedroom and Tv unit in the living room, and other essential furniture. Reach us for better ideas.

Minimalistic Interiors

Interiors under your budget. Some people buy houses for investment purposes and rent them out for their returns. In such cases, doing high-cost interiors will risk their return on investment. So doing basic interiors for a family to stay in is more adequate. We have more incredible plans and ideas to meet such requirements.

Renovation Interiors

Renovation is always a nightmare in most cases. To do it well, proper planning is needed on stage by stage basis. Before we start the work, we do termite-proof and waterproofing throughout the house. It gives extra life to your home. We do the renovation for kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms, civil work, and electrical work, and also we do remodeling of the look and feel of any room in your house.

Co-Living space Furniture

Besides interiors, we also offer our services to furniture in bulk quantity. Co-living has become more common in most places, especially after a corona. We are keeping cost-effective in mind that we are manufacturing furniture in large volumes to meet the extensive requirements.

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35/4, Krishna nagar, Jothi nagar main road, Sitalapakkam, Chennai -100 / 72995 86489

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